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We guide you through the process of finding the perfect French Bulldog puppy for you, how to prep for the arrival, and what to do when your puppy arrives.


We raise champion sired, standard colored, & rare colored French Bulldog puppies.

We have specialized in champion sired puppies since 2001 with our original male Gabrielle. Now we are proud to have 3 champion males and  females who are championed sired. Not only do we love the standard colors coming in fawn, brindle, pied, and cream but we love the rare colors as well. Our rare specialties are blue, lilac, lilac fawn, and merle.


  • The French Bulldog Family. You can't just have one!

    Families of Multiple Frenchies

  • The French Bulldog & boys go perfect together

    French Bulldog + Boy: Best Friends for Life

  • The French Bulldog families

    The French Bulldog Families

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  • French Bulldog Testimonial young couple

    Dillon:  I never knew how much I needed a French bulldog until I got one!  Moose has made everyday an adventure!!He is the funniest, happiest and sweetest puppy I have ever seen.  I did not think dogs could become such a big part of your heart, but we can not imagine life without him!

    Morgan: When we first got Lola we had no idea she was going to become so spoiled and run the house!!  Our family loves her so much!!  We don’t know what we would do without her.  She loves to play, run and cuddle.  Lola has the best temperament and we can take her anywhere!!  She never meets a stranger and is really great with kids.  She can definitely be a handful at times.  Like when she is having too much fun outside.  But, we would not trade her for anything!!

    Morgan & Dillon-Fordland, MO
  • French Bulldog Testimonial older couple

    STEVE:  We really enjoy our Frenchies.  They are so personable, and each one has her own personality.  They are always glad to see us.  They love snuggling when we sit on the couch.  They  love it when they get to travel with us whether it is a trip to the store or across the country.  They are always excited to load up in the truck.

    They get along well with our cats and love to meet other people.  they are a hit wherever we go!!   They are just so “stinkin cute!!”  We absolutely love our Frenchies!!

    STACEY:  I love my Frenchies, Lilly and Ellie.  They can have fun no matter where they are.  They are so much fun to just hang our with.  They are like sweet, funny, cuddly tanks.  They can be zooming around the house one minute and snuggled up on my lap the next.  For me, Frenchies are the perfect dog!!

  • French Bulldog family of boy
    French Bulldog Boy Testimonial

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